TreeSparks offers BRANDING to those who not only want a website and a logo but more of the services we offer without having to look on numerous websites to find them. The services available in this business package are those most requested by those who are just starting their business or those who want to give their business a completely new look.

Customise your own package

Below are just some of the print services that TreeSparks offers as part of your very own customised business package. To enquire about your personalised package and to ask about further products, email us at

Starts from £38.80 for 100 copies

Business Cards

Business cards are essential for every member of the team in your business. We can design and print all the business cards you need and at a very affordable price!

Around £100


Your logo is what should come to mind when people think of you. This is why it is important to get it professionally done. At TreeSparks, we can create you a professional logo from as little as £10. Find out more here.

Starts from £500

Web Design

With over 5 years experience in web design it’s safe to say we know how to create a professional, interactive and appealing website that is bound to bring more web traffic. At TreeSparks we deliver all this at a price that suits you.

Starts from £55 for 100 copies


So you’ve decided to create a website and launch your company, or perhaps you’re giving your company a fresh new start. So why not leave it to us to create you a professional yet eye catching flyer that will attract more people to your company

Starts from £64 for 100 copies


Posters are a great way to market your product or service or just to spread more awareness on your company, organisation or a particular event you may be organising. Instead of going through the hassle of trying to create one yourself, we can do it for you professionally and at an affordable price.

Starts from £17.60 for 1 piece


Take your company/organisation one step further by ordering a professional customised stamp that will add the perfect finishing touch to important letters you need to send out.

Starts from £32.80 for 100 copies


A letterhead is an attractive template that has the details of your company used on all letters you send. It is an absolute must-have for any business or organisation as it gives you a more serious and professional look. At TreeSparks we have the expertise to create the perfect one for you!

e.g. £171 for 3000 copies of flexi loop handle bags


If you’re selling products then you need a bag that shouts everything about you to go with it. A customised bag not only adds a professional look to your company but it also acts as a marketing tool so that more people will know about you.

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